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For: Bale Castile
In this autumn and, every period, the makeup dictates its own norms and turns into an ally of the seduction. Change winds come and to the tones roses and pastries of last summer happen to him metallic tones with preference the gold and other darker tones to obtain a look of Gothic effects that rhymes with the new fashion of dressing.
This MYSTERIOUS ELEGANCE is the first collection of makeup of Dick Page for SHISEIDO who presents a sophisticated and elegant woman where they predominate over the contrasts of lights and shades. This period has you prop, like principal innovation Perfect Smoothing compact Foundation, a makeup fund that thanks to his coverage fun
There has been inaugurated in Madrid, in the Street General Arrando 7, the Clinic Ravenna that devotes itself to the treatment of the obesity. The method of the Doctor Ravenna is carried out by a multidisciplinary team that offers a program to reduce weight. His principal target is the modification of harmful nutritive habits. The system includes a personalized diet of low caloric content supporting the ingestion of all the essential nutrients for the good functioning of organs and textiles. A rapid initial descent shapes the principal stimulus so that the patients achieve adhesion to the method.
To colist: an innovative formula for men and women who take a dynamic and superactive life with formulae that combine the beneficial effects of the purest fitoesencias with a specific cocktail of mineral salt and substances energizantes inestimable for the body in movement. A concentrate of energy that assures vigor and dynamism for the body, strengthens and hydrates the skin and gives vitality to the mind. To his bottle ultra practical and of nice line there has been granted him the “Oscar of packaging”.

October, 2008
The eyes are capable of reflecting all our interior world. His expressive capacity has no limits and his seduction power turns them into a key point of the makeup. For this period autumn - winter continue on the one hand the tones cake and by other there is imposed the tendency of the metallic shades with golden colors and bronze. But there is something that can do to the even more expressive eyes: the personal skill at the time of making them up to heighten his strong points and to hide his problems. We suggest you a few simple but effective tricks
September, 2008
Three are the challenges that the perfect diet must chase for after the holidays: to favor the elimination of the kilos of more, product of the summer "rest", to help us to support the favoring bronze-colored tone of the skin and fight the photo-aging product of the biggest solar exhibition. Doctors Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz of the Craggy hill, specialists of esthetic medicine, offer us his advices and an appropriate diet.
July, 2008
If the writers have looked for the most secret metaphors to discover the emotion of a perfume or histories concerning the fragrances, nobody still knows why a fragrance pleases. In this mystery, the companies of the luxury invest immense quantities of money to put in a bottle the "soul" of the house, which is what tries to reflect a perfume. It discovers which she is your darling between the last throwings of this period.
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