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For: Bale Castile
Careers in the streets, the tumult of the holidays, the gifts … special moments that need looks special. Let's change the face of every day into the face of a special occasion. Twinkles, colors, reflexes, sparks that illuminate every lounge and every gift. Here we have a small sample with our best happiness desires.
A GIFT FOR THE SKIN ALCHEMY: high natural cosmetics have prepared for these holidays something very special: Eternal Youth, the first line of cosmetics Premium for a treatment integral Anti-Aging. The treatment composes of a luxurious scale of facial and corporal products prepared by means of prime matters 100 % natural with ingredient
Paris has presented to itself in Madrid the new mark of luxurious capillary treatment Dessange with the presence of two ambassadresses of exception: Vanesa Rosemary and Dafne Fernández. The signature Dessange, known as “Lounge of Stars” has chosen these two actresses to be godmothers of this throwing. The new capillary line offers five scales by means of shampoos, conditioners, masks and serums destined to treat the color, and the form as the different needs for the hair that any woman will be able to use from her own hearth.
Thanks to his special formula Clubbing Waterproof of Bourjois it is a pencil for eyes that neither moves it does not even move in the eyelid. The result of the makeup keeps on being a nickelling but the look acquires a "dramatic" aspect. The trick is in that the volatile siliconas evaporate during the application with a perfect adhesion of the color of the eyelid. His ultrasoft texture by means of vitamnina E, oils of jojoba and cotton it guarantees an entire comfort. It appears in 4 vibrant colors: intense black with shiny effects, acrylic Gray lightly violet, emerald green reflexes with brown fund and blue gray with reflexes prayed.
November, 2008
In this autumn and, every period, the makeup dictates its own norms and turns into an ally of the seduction. Change winds come and to the tones roses and pastries of last summer happen to him metallic tones with preference the gold and other darker tones to obtain a look of Gothic effects that rhymes with the new fashion of dressing.
October, 2008
The eyes are capable of reflecting all our interior world. His expressive capacity has no limits and his seduction power turns them into a key point of the makeup. For this period autumn - winter continue on the one hand the tones cake and by other there is imposed the tendency of the metallic shades with golden colors and bronze. But there is something that can do to the even more expressive eyes: the personal skill at the time of making them up to heighten his strong points and to hide his problems. We suggest you a few simple but effective tricks
September, 2008
Three are the challenges that the perfect diet must chase for after the holidays: to favor the elimination of the kilos of more, product of the summer "rest", to help us to support the favoring bronze-colored tone of the skin and fight the photo-aging product of the biggest solar exhibition. Doctors Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz of the Craggy hill, specialists of esthetic medicine, offer us his advices and an appropriate diet.
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