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The fashion for the winter 2010 tends to the barroquismo. That's why the hairstyles look for the contrast of a few long hairs sugerentes and without complications but with a guessed right glamor touch. The FATTENING proposal for the winter 2010 there are the slightly sophisticated long hairs with courts that accompany the movement of the tops on soft and broken undulations recreating a controlled and chance volume. Adaptable proper hairstyles for the urban woman at any time of the day.
THE LENGTHS The long hairs of any measurement choose for the movement. To achieve this effect the hoods are disconnected of the wings with asymmetric double cuts. The surrounding gestures with broken waves are mixed by the smooth hairs, texturizados and by an aspect of false - tidy. THE SHORT ONES The lines of the hairs cort
With big content of moisturizing stimulant agents or protectors associated with luminous pigments, this formula of high technology “Vitalumiere correcteur eclat, eyes Outline” revitalizes the epidermis especially sensitive of the outline of the eyes and the look makes glisten. It contains an esteres miscellany and gelificantes conditioners that guarantee the comfort, pigments related treated amino acids with the skin and a derivative of the starch that assures a result of uniform makeup and without sheens.
To return to the natural habits is not only an ecologists' thing. Today there exist numerous benefits that we can find in natural ingredients even for our hair. The new line “indola Innova Aloe Sensitive” is a natural solution for the hair and the scalp. It is a question of a soft protein of natural yogurt and balsamic aloe extract will see. Both reinforce the structure of the sensitive hair and the scalp that are deeply hydrated, revitalized and protected against the negative daily influences as there are the environmental pollution and the stress.
October, 2009
The new coloring of the makeup debates between two extreme positions between which intermediate formulae can be chosen. We have seen them in the last footbridges like one more sample of the intimate relation that exists between fashion and makeup and the joint inspiration that joins designers and make-up artists. On the one hand there is the tendency that it praises for look deep with effect "smokey" that dyes the black's eyelid and for other one the one that is praised by the tones "nude" and an extreme paleness.
September, 2009
From autumn, when the solar beams lose force, it is the best moment to tackle the “operation draft”. The spots are the third apex of the triangle of the aging together with the wrinkles and the flaccidity, with the sun as explosive I always number one. His favorite areas are those more at sight: hands, neck, neckline and especially the face where the spots are more visible especially in the cases of híper pigmentation, very difficult to camouflage with the makeup.
July, 2009
In the days of beach and of the sun the makeup does not go on to a background … only puts itself to tone with the station and is reserved for the holidays and the most playful moments. That's why it fills with a major fantasy. This year they dominate the "sheens". The cosmetics signatures compete in presenting to us proposals that shine with the force of his coloring magicians. These are some of more glamurosos makeups for the summer 2009.
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