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For: Maria Gatón
An intense week, that of the most important second fashionable footbridge of the world after Paris. We have seen again the Italian genius and the mastery in the making of his collections in all the creators. A singing to the perfection. Brave Milan!
Alberta Ferreti is praised by the blue, green and gray tones in chiffons and velvets. Superposed overcoats, with symmetries desestructuradas. The petite steals to nongo he acquires new proportions and forms, from necklines honor word to forms covered for the work. Extraordinary and exact night black garments with pailletes.
The actress Lidia Bosch, of a serene and current beauty, is the spokeswoman of the new anti-wrinkle line Ultra-Lift Pro-X Restorative Care of Garnier. An innovation anti-age of natural origin that contains powerful assets, the xilosa, a sugar extracted from the beech that activates the synthesis of the molecules that constitute the textile of the skin and recreates the fundamental matter that is losing with the step of the years. An authentic anti-wrinkle revolution that comes from the nature
Clarins has presented a collection of 14 tonalities for the lips inside a packing silver-plated with a translucent red base. With only one application of the color preferred inside the wide scale, the lips they remain drawn and properly hydrated with an exceptional fixation. The handle fat favors the homogeneous dispersion of the pigments and assures an extraordinary sheen. The finished one is uniform and he has beautiful reflexes simultaneously that a delightful perfume provides
March, 2008
Footbridge Latin America Fashion, a step passes
For sixth time, and given the success of previous editions, Ifema has organized the Footbridge again Latin America Fashion in the frame of the International Lounge of the Fashion of Madrid (SIMM). In her there have met several names of the design of Latin America, which are making way for themselves on the European market with his interesting and creative proposals.
February, 2008
Christian Lacroix in the Museum of Decorative Arts
It is defined by the brilliant colors, the luxury and the perfection. He is one of the designers preferred by the Spanish infanta Helen de Borbón. The Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris, next to the museum of the Louvre he dedicates a very particular retrospective, which it includes the years 1987-2007 and which will be closed on April 20, 2008. The sample, finally, is a miscellany of exhibition and collection, of compilation of suits and of presentation of Seam.
January, 2008
The fashion of the “Crazy Years” reflects, on having gone out of the first world war, the appetite of a decade anxious for movement, speed and frenzy. The spirit of the time is the emancipation of the women and of his body. The life style is modern: plane, car, outdoor activity and devilish dances. Under the Charleston rhythm, these “Crazy Years” reveal at the same time that the calves and the knees, a fashion of short hair, a hat bell, low size and tubular form. Beyond the clichés, it is the arrival of a fashion liberated and easy to live.
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