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The elegance in the behavior
For: D. Rafael Etcheverría
Often the concept of “elegance“ usually makes a mistake in the world of the fashion. Today, everything is labeled of elegantly and, in many cases, it it is not. That's why, from young Asmoda we want to investigate thoroughly on a question of supreme importance. We all want to be elegant but often we know neither what the elegance is not even, nor how it is acquired. Let's see this essay of D. Rafael Etcheverría, I hope it gives us some tracks.

One of the arts most difficult of conquering is the elegance so, how any art, it has rules and becomes polished for the continuous repetition up to achieving the perfection. The elegance does not diminish to fulfilling a fistful of social norms. That would be learned easily and a machine might be "elegant". The elegance is the splendor of the properly human thing, because it is conquered and forms from the only thing that person does to one: the soul.
Although schools, fashions and tendencies exist in the elegance, this one always expresses herself in an individual way, of a such way that one is elegant, morally beautiful and top, and the hour matters or neither the environment nor the activity that we redeem.

The beauty in the behavior our being crowns, since of all the arts of the elegance, the most difficult to dominate is that of the behavior. He says the saying that "although the monkey should dress itself of silk, monkey stays". It is possible to climb economically, it is possible to acquire popular fame, it is possible to live perhaps in the show business and to manage to appear even in the toothbrushes. We even can obtain big fortunes and perhaps some suit of well-known mark. But it does not matter in that area of the city we live not that purchasing power that we possess. The elegance of the behavior is revealed by our intimate being, our culture and worth. It talks each other, in the fund, of mulberry tree, of beauty and of perfection.
This elegance goes, then, much further of the adapted of dressing or of a guessed right social intervention. The authentic elegance is evident being alone or in company of the others, without importing the social or economic status of the one who accompanies us or the ambience in which we move. He is born for himself, without need to be forced by the circumstances. It blooms in the most prosaic questions with so many clarity as in the most noble acts.
How to recognize the elegance?
- For his heroic charity, his dealing considered for with all, without changing for expediencies or tastes. The elegance is attentive and solicitous.

- For his form and way of praising, of stimulating, of promoting the good, beautiful and real things. The elegance is proactive and stimulating. The elegance praises when he might criticize, listens when he might speak, she is quiet being able to say gossip or increase rumors.

- For being capable of dominating a group of angered without raising the voice or in whom it abstains from humiliating the others, being able to do it.

- For the others pay attention, interested by matters that we do not know or they import little for us. There will be elegant who expires with his duty without considering the benefit or the opinion about the others. It is elegant, for example, if it was decided to attend to a call and to answer without asking the one who calls to decide if the dialogue is continued or not.

- For being polite, in contrast to the style change to please the others. The elegance avoids the shame to us of speaking of dineros in an informal chat, as well as of bloody or impressionable matters. The elegance scents our word eliminating the flippancy of cutting words or of bad taste. To think about the vile ones. It will always be elegant to keep silence before a flippancy, making to notice, then, how inopportune or unjust that moment / comment was.

- For being generous. The elegance turns us attentive, smiling, kind, cooperative, valuable. To look at the eyes while they speak to us, to smile at the one whom it tries to please us, excuse a term of abuse, keep silence before a slander, suppress a natural but uncivilized impulse.
What would belong to us if everybody, from the head of the nation up to the last one of the men, was living and practising the virtue of the elegance?

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