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The elegance might be a simplicity combination in dressing, humility in the attitude, hygiene in the aspect and dignity in the condition.
- To stand out without resorting to the shrillness.
- The elegance is as they say... Of the originality, it to be is a virtue, it to try to be is a defect. Finally it is the struggle between what it seems and what is, that one genuine opposite to the pseudo...: the difficult thing (quantitatively) is to establish the reference parameter!!! That believe
- The elegance is something innate, she is born with her. Not only it is a concept related to the aspect, also it is an attitude, a way of life and of behaving.
- The elegance is to be able to be one himself. It is radiated from the interior and comes on the outside to be of benefit to those who surround us. It is natural and simple. Nothing has to do with the devices and the extravagance and captivates us for his mysterious authenticity aura. The elegance does not believe if not that is and is not necessary to confuse his extract with his expression.
- Simplicity and to be one himself. It is always much better, to be too tact than to pass.
- The elegance is to be able to behave, be able to smile, to be able to gesticulate, to adopt the tone of voice adapted for every occasion. The elegance is minimalista and simply. It is a natural gift that is inherited but it is not learned. "You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".
- The brute is covered, the rich one is adorned, the fatuous one disguises himself, the elegant one dresses himself.
- It is to be able to be everywhere without using the hypocrisy, being able to listen, be able to live in accordance with many things: age, physicist, social status. To achieve that all your being is in harmony with what you transmit on the outside. Anyway, slightly very complicated to have!
- It is something that is disappearing unfortunately. Everything is becoming vulgar.
- To be elegant and not to be a miser, first you have to believe it, have q to believe q you are elegant, that you are a person who lives with a certain dignity... through the intelligence it is elegant, the dignity is elegant, the force, the knowledge they are elegant, the beauty is elegant... finally, the physical and mental balance they are elegant.

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