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For: Cristina Araguás
Does exist a just and true definition of what means beauty? Is she a beautiful person for the mere fact of being a person? Is it possible to be said objectively that someone is more beautiful than other?
They say that the love is blind. I block up... Why does not it see or why the reality deforms seeing beauty where others see only vulgarity or undeference? If the love creates beauty... Is the love a beauty?

If this is true it means that the beauty is something more than order and proportion, something deeper than a well structured front. Well it is true that the harmony helps and that there are showier colors and forms to simple sight... but I believe that there the key is not. It is only a bundle.

When we speak about persons I think that it is necessary to come more to the fund... How is beauty as expression, like communication? If we depart from the base of which it is necessary to come out...

Is it possible to find more or less beauty inside a person?
Can it be a heart more beautiful than other?
Can we communicate and transmit this type of beauty?

I think that not only we can, but also we have to. We must think more when we choose what we put ourselves, in what we dress ourselves, because we speak about us, because others see us.

Cristina Araguás Flores (Barcelona)

And you, what do you think on this matter?
Tell us what is for you the beauty...
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