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on the "kings magicians" of the fashion...
For: Grace Bocanegra
Really, the designers are "Magi of the fashion", although in this industry all the pieces are key. In spite of the designers, there is needed a very solid financial, managerial and strategic infrastructure that supports them. That's why, in many cases, the investors can be considered to be perfectly not alone like Magi, but like Saint Claus and the Witch together Befana.
Anyway, it does not stop being true that yes, to the designers they
we have to greatly, greatly. Centuries ago and years we were dressing ourselves out of necessity, and
the pledges were not answering to any design or esthetic tendency.
target was to cover the cubrible and to show the demonstrable thing, attending
basically to moral reasons or who knows. I refer, for putting one
example, to those long suits throwing to horrible that llavaban
women in the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries; suits that of course had to
to cover the ankles, otherwise it was considered to be an adventurousness,
an obscenity.

Less evil that with the step of the years was added to him to the clothes
a sophisticated touch, that is to say: why to use the pledges
only for necesitad? Since we have to dress ourselves let's do it of
sweet form, pongámos decoration. This way, the advance of
times and the mentalities it helped to consolidate the extract of the fashion
as such. One of these big helps was the world of the movies, of
Hollywood and like not, of the artistos and artists, who created new
styles and fashions. 

Nevertheless, one of the persons that more weight had in
the creation of the figure of the designer was it, Gabrielle Coco Chanel,
thanks to his radical change of the feminine encorsetamiento to the look almost
masculine. Of course, other designers as Christian Dior also
they contributed to the praise of the figure of the creator, in this case
for his hyperacquaintance New Look, who supposed another inflection point in
trajectory of the fashion.

But one of the most outstanding keys of the figure of the designer and
of his environment it resides in his linguistic Corpus Christi or semantics. Earlier, there was
couturiers, couturiers, craftsmen, ateliers, workshops and lounges. Now
there are designers, studies, backstages, fittings and showrooms.

Anyway, I would like clarifying than on having criticized that formerly not
it was doing fashion but clothes, in some cases to support the decency of
society (especialemte that of the women), does not mean that it is of
I match with the new and pseudomodern one: "live through the life!". Namely not
I believe that in the times that run, as it usually say, it costs everything and
less still in fashionable terms. With that one it costs everything I refer, for
example, to explicit transparences, escotazos of two rhombs,
ultramini-skirts, garments - porn etc. I do not believe that because the mentality
general is that of "everything one can" let's go for the streets or for
footbridges with a breast (with pardon) to the air, for example.

In summed up accounts, thank you designers for doing these clothes to us so
nice, you are responsible for the fashion of the history. And if
some of them were making her a pelín cheaper, it would be the height of
perfection, if he tipples.
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