To become fashionable
For: Grace Bocanegra
In my opinion, the fashion does not exist if not "it becomes fashionable", hence the importance of the use of the publicity. I agree with that the publicity it is quite to get on the market, to be announced. Really, I believe that a form, if not the best, of doing that your product or mark is catapulted to the general knowledge and consequently, to a probable success, is that some famous person or famous it makes use of the same one, although this skill is not not much less recent.
Nevertheless, it is a sorrow that a widespread perception of the fashion and his commercialization is that that it goes out to the only light and exclusively thanks to the contribution of the famous persons (paid or not, given or not), of the commercials, and other publications. Nowadays that that we call "a fashion", our "fashion", lasts only 6 months, even less, depending if the shift actress has already changed his skittles "it/must" into the last one of another mark...

That's why I believe that it is a very important knowledge what is what offers us the market and to discern if we want or not it, if we like or not, if it compensates or not us. Namely I applaud the publicity position that is necessary and valuable for the commercialization, but I think that that we are below of the pyramid, buyers, clients, or simple spectators, we should guide ourselves for the best skill of selection and learning that can exist: our criterion, or, our personality. It is vital that we are capable of dressing as really always we have wanted and not to leave it in the luxury of the constant change that allows itself the fashion. It is vital to avoid to fall down this way, for example, in the questionable urban tribes (l@s fashions, l@s I ungave, l@s alternative etc.) and more than anything, not to fall down in an interior gap that he does not know any more than to answer to the last glasses Ray-ban, or to the pants cigaret, or to the bangs of
straight cut...

Nevertheless, since I like practising the empathy and putting myself "in the place of other", I will rise to the high parts of the pyramid, where there are those that they design, create, publish, distribute and sell fashion.
I will help to dig ways up, although they are known, "to become fashionable". That thing about the use of famos@ is more than hit and settled. With regard to the constant change of the fashion, this one deserves, without much ado, pure acceptance, since it is the task and the work of the designers and fashionable houses to do a collection every 6 months. It is and it has to be like that. Hence they derive, although much more elaborate, these "additions" that we allow ourselves the lower ones of the pyramid when our will coincides in spite of following this fashion that so much we like. Amen.

On the other hand, like university student who has received classes of graphic design and marketing, between others thousands, I dare to avert now in a more technical plane, that the announcements of the marks in the magazines of the sector, as well as achieve that your product is published in the fashionable sections or style of the same ones, (those in those who go out photographed the pledges or in photographic reportages) also are key to be the most well-known and most recognized. Easy and foreseeable recipe: truth?. But as everything, it has to be right. It is not the same to publish an announcement with a bad model, with an absent Photoshop
or with wrong esthetics. As well as it is not of receipt that if your product or mark is of high quality or belonging to the sector of the luxury, it appears in an inn (the photos of the products one to one) along with another product of a low category.

Finally, the price. Key. Although it is hard, yes, high price. Far from frightening (although yes he will prevent from buying many), it will create an image in the mind of the client of "very good product" that in the long term will be beneficial. The day that we prune, we will choose this product and not other. In fact, them there is that they can always choose... This is one of the injustices of this one...: world?: to speak!: big world! of the fashion, which in spite of everything manages to prepare our lives of the most creative and original form. And the best thing is that not only we allow to ourselves to prepare, but to season and even to dress. But it is there where our limit has to be, to be able to say up to where and why. It is basic that we find the balance. This way, in spite of the comings and goings, the tastes and griefs, of the fashions and ways, we all have something that to say on the fashion, already we are below or in the summit of our dear pyramid, where it will always be fashionable "to become fashionable".
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