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in my opinion... an example of elegance
For: Mercedes Barroso
The one who is elegant does not do ostentation of anything, simply, it reflects. And Pigeon Caves reflects elegance twinkles in every public act to which it comes, without forgetting his presence in more intimate and private moments, where also it dresses according to the circumstances, without shrillness, but following the tendencies that more go to his person.
There is no social event that boasts that it does not count with the Pigeon twinkles Caves. And not because she has no emulation of leading role, which does not have it, but because his elegance shines. And it shines because it unites an enviable personal style with a noble heart and a prepared mind. The wife of Enrique Ponce graduated in International Business studies for the University of Boston and it has continued his formation with, between others, a course of Fiscal Consultancy and International Tributary Skills in Madrid. 

Also, he can enjoy the life, combining the field (the blessed fields of the mountainous range of Jaen, where they have ‘Citrine‘, a farmhouse in which they enjoy the direct contact the Nature) with the big city (for her, the city there are the friends who inhabit it, the persons who support it and everything good that every day it is appreciating).

The elegance is born, frequently, of being able to value what is had..., and if Pigeon Caves values something on all the things is to his husband, the matador Enrique Ponce: "Enrique is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in the life». To Pigeon he likes the simple life, without big shrillness. And this vital tendency moves it to the world of the fashion. That's why it is partial to the very soft makeups, to the free and free hair, to the weak shade on the eyes and to the discreet lips color. He knows what to take in every moment. And we surprise it. We always surprise for being able to take a step further away his elegance.

In my opinion, a big example...
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