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what do you think about the fashionable sunglasses?
For: Mercedes Barroso
They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but what does not remain so clear is if really we are interested in that our face expresses it, always and at all times, absolutely quite. Celebrities and mortal with glamor they conceal his look down lunettes from tendency, a good option when, for the motive that is, you want to happen unnoticed...
In any case, now the glasses take "butterfly, glasses in degradé and pasta mounts... The designs aviator continue current but, undoubtedly, they lose force. Wayfarer de Ray-ban has dominated during this period turning into the complement it of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss as well as of a good number of generating personages of tendency. 

Nevertheless, such a profusion of the design retro that it immortalized Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun has ended up saturating the demand of this type of footsore. Nevertheless, the two-color Wayfarer slope is supported like one of the most wished pieces. Then: what are the current success designs? We bet for the lunettes butterfly and the sunglasses of pasta with mount and sideburn in different colors.

For example, Miu Miu presents a piece style art-decó with glasses in degradé that is causing a real fury. For Prada, Miuccia has decided in favor of another version of footsore butterfly of pasta in color really chic lavender. Marc Jacobs also is praised by this ultrafeminine design and adds a very personal touch to him. 

With regard to those pieces that alternate different colors on mount and sideburn, we remain with those of Ralph Lauren. The American designer raises a square design of red pasta accompanied on a few beautiful sideburns of conch.

The lunettes color are Burberry purple, the round glasses black and white of Christian Dior and the design maxi with aspect hoop retro of Carolina Herrera.
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