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Do you know how is a fashion imposed?
For: Mercedes Barroso
We are going to analyze the routes that a fashion has to get in the society. It is a strange but very interesting process. The people usually believe that the publicity is who becomes fashionable a little, but: what role does it play really inside this process?
To use famous personages as living announcements, to distribute news on curious effects of the product that is desirable to sell or to place this product in a success movie are some of the tricks that use the marketing and the publicity to create a fashion... and so that we continue it. But these are not the only methods that exist so that a fashion settles in our society. 

For centuries, the fashions have spread thanks to the caprice of some kings, or to spontaneous popular initiatives...
The fashion helps in the evolution of the society, changes with her and it is present in all the aspects of the life although in many cases we are not conscious of it. 

And the fact is that the man copies for nature and with the appearance of the mass media of masses, this characteristic has accentuated up to such a point that we are way of the homogeneity, this is, the conception of the world as a global village. 

The human being needs to copy to survive. We can speak because we have copied it of our parents. Learning of our infancy is based in reproducing what there do those who surround us. As we grow, each of us develops his independence of different form. But, although in major or minor grade, we all need to feel integrated to our environment, we do not like being different. Perhaps that's why the fashions exist, to try to equal our differences. “The revolution of 1789 not only dedicated universally the values of the freedom, equality and brotherhood, but, in a gesture without precedents in the history of the humanity, it determined that there would no be any more difference between the persons because of the garments”.
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