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And you: of whom are you?
For: Maria Candela
In a planet encompassed in that the information, the thought, the forms of life and the customs look alike increasingly to a neighbors' courtyard to world scale, it exist nevertheless a few that rebel against this widespread uniformity.
They are the called urban tribes who, although they want to take the opposite one to everything what is to walk like fleecy clouds, form well compact groups, generally of the young people and of avenging cut. There are born fruit of this the called stereotypes, which determine in many cases the social relations at present (substituting the ancient classes and the unions).

Tens of them exist with the most original denominations. But also there exist many who, without sharing the ideology of this form of subculture, have adopted his way of dressing and have turned it into style keys, in tendency. It is called Poseurs in pejorative sense. Perhaps this influence should to the fact that the members of the urban tribes are persons in search of an identity that defines them, and this has a lot to do with the fashion, since my way of dressing defines me facing the exterior.

And you: with what urban tribe do you identify your style? Of whom are you?

Punk: They are born in London at the beginning of the 70. They take an aggressive look using military elements. He recognizes him after himself as the combs in the hair.

Hippies: They appeared in EUA in the middle of the 60. They were dressing long skirts in American and them pants bell with shirts and vests of colors.

Rappers: They come from the bands of the quarter of New York of the Bronx. His clothes look for the serviceability to do grafittis in the walls. He recognizes them after himself as the pants and T-shirts of screaming colors and three sizes over his.

Mods: They arise in the 60s in the clubs of jazz of London. He recognizes them after himself as his elegant clothes. They take dark jackets and ceñiditas, and narrow and short pants.

Catastrophes: They derive from the punk, but the type of music that they like, which mixes Rock, New Wave and New Romantic, did that they wanted to differ in the way of dressing. They dress of the head to the black's feet.

Pijos: There are the upper intermediate and high class. They dress with classic style and always go of the best marks.

Grunges: They are born in 1989 in the city of Seattle (the USA) under the Nirvana influence. He recognizes them after himself as his free aspect.

Frikis: The word friki comes from English freak, that means rare bug. They are the people got excited about the science fiction or the computer science.
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