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what suggests you such a fashionable ethnic fashion?
For: Paula Gárgoles
The handkerchief of Palestine, the enormous necklaces of Africa, the stamped colorings of America of the south. Everything what smells and knows to exotic places is fashionable. The proper of every latitude has come with a lot of force in winter to give this touch of color and freshness to our uniformed closets. From young Asmoda we tell you the most exclusive of this new fashion, so that you should give us your opinion...
of the entire world...

In a world so encompassed in that you can buy to yourself the same purse in the Zara of Madrid that in that of Sydney or Moscow, the features of every culture are more fashionable than never.
The handkerchief Palestinian has stopped being a political - social claim to be an accessory fashion. Since Nicolas Guesquire was extracting in the Balenciaga parade in his collection his autumn / winter 2007/08, the ethnic handkerchief has turned into a must (you must take it).
If you do not have yet one, and you want to do with a handkerchief, I do not recommend you a Palestinian, that I believe that it is already a burned tendency, but another type of handkerchief with ethnic and stylish pattern. There are thousands where to choose.

There come the enormous necklaces and bracelets of geometric forms, of colore living and intense. It is the wood the one that has the leading role, giving this tribal and handmade air. They take big and two or three is not important for you to put yourself simultaneously.

The handkerchiefs and cravats, with thousand patterns color. You can place yourself it on the neck of many ways. Now you will find patterns as those of flowers or geometric.

The fringe of the Indians has popped in in each of the accessories. They hang by belts, purses and shoes, giving him the ethnic touch of this period. The movement that they produce is very attractive.

His multicolored patterns of the Andes of geometric and multiform forms make our closet happy. His simple colors frets internsos distunguirán the jerseys of this year, newly brought from Peru.
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