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are you born elegant or do you it learn to be?
For: Sheila Morataya-Fleishman
Is it possible to be born being elegant?, true, but also it is possible to learn to be elegant. Everything begins with an internal decision.

You what do you think? In effect, it is possible to be born being elegant, but also it is possible to learn to be elegant. Everything begins with an internal decision.

The real elegance arises from your woman's interior; and it is the one that expresses the form in which you perceive yourself and value yourself. As well as you feel, project yourself. Nowadays we cannot deny that our personal presentation can serve to us to open doors or to close them. But it is not quite. We see as there are women who impress for his arrangement but who at the time of conversing with them or putting itself to the test his skills in the work leave much that to wish. Therefore: How must our image be?

The image that you give to other debit to be certification

I mean with this, that what you put yourself, that the form in which you make yourself up, that the style that you choose for your hair must reveal or accentuate the best thing of you yourself and of your own personality. Of another form, then the result of your personal arrangement would be something “frivolous and false”.

In image projection it is important that I must keep on being I myself and not a caricature or someone that in fact I am not. It is because of it, that at the time of getting ready, especially you must wonder: It is brushed: does he affirm that it is be I? Do these clothes prolong the beauty of my character? This makeup: does it complement my interior beauty? As a whole: do I feel myself?

The image that you project must include the good manners

Of nothing it serves to see a woman dressed to the last one and with a makeup and impeccable hair, if at the time of being related to the others, it frightens for his personal attitudes. The Good manners, the exquisite thing of the feminine soul it is what does that a woman is elegant or it is not. The form in which you greet, the way in which you walk, you sit down, speak … yes he communicates everything of you to others. That's why, be careful at the time of expressing yourself. Especially, if you are a professional piece of news or a girl in search of his first employment.

In addition to your professional talent, your talent in human relations counts. Since the human relations are the extract of the consideration and the respect that the others deserve.

Our image must project our personal values

You are exhibiting a painting of you yourself. You are your own portrait. When a painter, has in mind a new work, he thinks about everything and the result of his work, it is the expression itself of his soul. Therefore, at the time of dressing you, the entire set of your person must be the result and the projection of your personal values and of your goals like woman and professional.

“Say to me with the one whom you walk and I will say to you who you are …” he says the saying. Say to me how you dress yourself and I will say to you where you want to come and you respect yourself... that I add. He thinks very well about this: Why is a woman who has political aspirations very careful in his appearance? Why when we go to an interview in a company like the banking or educational company do we put care in the length of the skirt? Why, in spite of the cult that today is given to the body, does the classic and conservative fashion keep on existing? Why will it be that, often on having reflected in all this, it seems a little antiquated to us?

We live in an epoch in which if you are not a part of the mass, then you "are different" and the society pushes back to any that one that dares to be different. That's why, it is very important, that at the time of going in the search of your own personal style, you analyze very well that your image must be a certification, that the manners are important and that it is not possible to be elegant if the personal values are not of for way.

Then: are you ready to learn on the elements that form the image?

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