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For: Paula Gárgoles
The designers of "Wendy's small house"
There have been the last ones of the footbridge of the EGO of Cibeles and have managed to start a smile to us to all. Everything was much "happy": the music, the clothes, the way of parading of the models (jumping), the makeup... Happy is the youngest line of Wendy's Small house of the designers Inés and Iván to which Happy Brianda Martínez de Fitz James joins the adventure. Asmoda has spoken with them.
Why the line Happy?
It is a more commercial and cheaper line to come to the big public. We have done it with simple, such materials as the cotton. 
Why do you believe that they have chosen you for the Ego?
Why is it a different and entertaining way of seeing the fashion. We are tired always of seeing the same proposals, the black color. We flee of this fashion. 

What have you wanted to transmit?
Our fashionable concept. We propose an entertaining, free and very young fashion. That's why the models were appearing with a smile, giving jumps for the footbridge. 

By what have you been inspired?
Undoubtedly in the street, in the people who touches music, in the stories, in the fantasy. 

Where can we find the line Happy?
In all the shops in which beech Wendy's small house, that there are more than 100 in Spain, although the publicity, the tags and the price is different. 

Which is the pledge it covers with stars of the line Happy?
The T-shirt because he communicates very well our world. It is simple and very comfortable. We design it with drawings dreamy and full of color.
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