11 - MARCH, 2007
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to choose well... the whole art
For: Mercedes Barroso
What more wanted one that to have style proper? To know very well what one has left well and what evil. What clothes does it highlight and what clothes squash it. What comes to him like glove and what does it I turned disguised. Not to fall down in discussions without exit, Asmoda Joven gives you two simple keys. He takes note:

It might tell that the clothes are a projection of one himself opposite to the others. When one chooses something, it is because this way we want that the others see us. But in this way towards the authenticity it is possible to lose the course and:

- To disguise itself: it happens when the clothes conceal absolutely the real identity of someone, hiding who is, what does, where it is. The persons who seem "disguised" are those that are always seen out of epoch and out of situation.

- To be exhibited: in an emulation for "imposing" at first sight the proper identity (I am young, I am bold), violent to other, preventing him from discovering for himself himself before whom we are.

In one and another case the grace of the clothes "kills itself". Saying in other words, destroys any delight.

A person with style is the one that takes the clothes as if it was a glove: he is seen first comfortably and later native. It is covered, but simultaneously it leaves that transparent his identity. There the key of the elegance is, of being able to choose and also of pleasing.

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