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For: Helen González-Anta
In the newspaper “The Avant-garde” he published news that there paints the portrait of enough good the society in whom we live and treats a topic that causes comments in the street. The holder was saying this way: "The underwear begins to show in the classrooms”.

The news was mentioning that in many schools authentic problems were created with the fashion that has been implanted in an important sector of the adolescents, based, for them, on very low and very wide pants of those that there puts out the underwear of mark, enormous T-shirts and big bambas desbrochadas with the drawstrings put by the wings, between other details. It is a fashion imported from the "skaters" and the "surfers". For them the clothes are more exact enough: very narrow pants of “paw of elephant” that crawl for the soil, shallows of hip, – with what teaches itself the underwear, which is usually of colorines - tops or minuscule T-shirts with what it is habitual to show big part of the abdomen and shoes of platform. The article does not say where from there is importing this fashion. In any case, what seems sure is that such a fashion has not his origin in any sport and, therefore it gets rid of the article, there are the "esthetics" of them, and not that of them, which really is creating more problems. Once again the girls remain with the worst part. 

It continues the news pointing out that on the question a director of a school deprived of Barcelona said to a group of parents in a meeting of beginning of course: - “This is not a fashions parade. The girls are dressed as if they were going to the beach. They teach everything enseñable and even more and do not take me for timid. This is a school. To come to the school has turned, between a group of girls, into a competition species to see who is more bold and who shows the modelitos more to the last one, and that cannot be. Or they are moderated or we will put uniform. I him said that itself to the girls”. According to the article, more than one progenitor assistant to the meeting proved to be really astonished because his daughter was one of those that “palm heart was showing” in class, and of house it was going out dressed different.: “Less evil that the winter comes!” another father exclaimed according to the news. Some teachers also had something that to say:“ Do not think rare things, - he added one - only imagine the panorama of a class with fifteen dressed girls as you they see them at home. We are not of stone!”. 

So far commented he can scandalize us so much (the truth is that the clothing brings them to itself) as to make to smile (proper occurrences of the age!), but, if we stop to think, it is not a question of a question so innocent as it seems at first sight, so it has causes and consequences many other deep. 

To a certain extent it is normal that an adolescent tries to provoke to attract attention, imitates his partners or his favorite singers or gives a lot of importance to his esthetics. It is very important for him, to be accepted in his most next ambiences. In him a physical change is occurring with a rapidity that not always goes together with his psychological evolution. It begins having ideas, tastes and self-interest that not always coincide with those of his biggest. It is time to begin deciding for itself. Simultaneously it supposes a safety loss and the paternal authority questions. To fill this gap he will look for new modality with which to be identified and to shape his personality. This is a phase for which we all have happened and it is necessary to happen. 

But let's not make a mistake. The adolescence is not dangerous. Sometimes the positions labeled as Conservatives fall down in this error. Let's not also do like any progressives who do not dare to confront the problem for fear, perhaps, to look like conservatives. The danger exists and it is in the modality with which the young man identifies, since it will be where it extracts the values (or anti-values) that will govern his adult life. Here the parent education has a fundamental importance. The parents must propose, that not to impose, that value with which his son is going to be more qualified to confront the rest of his life, both in his intellectual and spiritual and affective ambience. For it the dialogue, the tolerance is necessary, the authority, the fondness and especially many patience. I realize that all this is very easy to write but that in practice is full complicated. Suddenly we usually lack one of the most important material means to be able to put it into practice so far said, that is the time. The conciliation of the labor life with the relative about whom so much one speaks now is the whole challenge. But undoubtedly, the parents must strain in obtaining this conciliation. Of course they will have thousand problems that to confront every day, but they must look for the time and it will only be possible with a good values scale, what supposes, first, identifying which these values are, and second, to distinguish the important thing of what it is not. If the parents do not have the values clear, they will not be able to transmit his children either. And if they have them clear but they do not dedicate time to transmit them to his children: why do they want them?. Suppose that his children are his most valued good? 

A few parents who manage to inculcate values to his children like the generosity, the valor, the effort, or the perseverance, will know really how his children are dressed out of house, and will not long for the winter arrival. His children will have enough safety and courage really to decide for themselves without see in the need to imitate the "sex-symbol" of shift or the "guaperas" of the class that very little or nothing will bring them. 

To finish, to indicate that the article mentions that in France also they have the same problem. He says that in “the liberal French public school there is an unusual upturn of the debate on to return the uniform and the separation of sexes”. But let's not forget, the uniform or the separation of sexes can be a way more that it helps to settle this problem, but the essential thing is that we have a few values and can inculcate the adolescents and, especially, that all of us live, big and small, in congruity with the same ones.

Source: New woman

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