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baby-doll, the most fashionable innocence
Do you want to turn into new Lolita? Sign up this spring to the fashion of the baby-doll. Dressed in high size, sleeves lantern and necks shirtmakers. It detaches an air naf and innocently, enclosed aniado, but always with a mischievousness point. I gave yes to the patterns of cubes of Vichy, to...
summer to the fashion
Asmoda proposes the summer tendencies to you in decades, silhouettes, patterns and textures. He chooses the clothes that better feels you and lives through the fashion of this summer. Decades East summer will do history, or rather, it has already done it. Forms of last century, minidressed like an aos 20, skirts new look style...
In the newspaper “The Avant-garde” he published news that there paints the portrait of enough good the society in whom we live and treats a topic that causes comments in the street. The holder was saying this way: "The underwear begins to show in the classrooms”.
The news was mentioning that in many schools authentic problems were created with the fashion that has been implanted in an important sector of the adolescents, based, for them, on very low and very wide pants of those that there puts out the underwear of mark, enormous T-shirts and big bambas desbrochadas with the drawstrings put for...
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