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basic purses
Purse chocolate box of Louis Vuitton: the must!
In summer you had it very easy: there was enough to you a bassinet of straw in which to put the towel, the cream, the pareo, mp3 and the novel. But you have returned to the normality and the new period asks you to renew your accessories. If there is a basic one that it is in every respect it is the purse. We cannot live without him! It is like an extension of our body. Asmoda presents to you the purses that will do fury this autumn - winter: and that the new course does not catch from you unprepared!
For the day, the maxibolsos, the perfect size are imposed so that there you fits everything (the change purse, the agenda, the book, mp3, the keys, the makeup, the cravat, the mobile, the water small bottle...), but also the favorite model of the physiotherapists (they do business with more than one dislocated shoulder). The must of the period? The purse...
ready for the winter!
The king: the black
As every beginning of period, young Asmoda sums the tendencies of this winter up to you. The labyrinth of the fashion presents a multitude of currents that will be imposed next months, but we remain with four: them 80's, the round black, the new romantic one and the eternal style lady.
Esthetics ochentera: The ingredients of this look are great, but undoubtedly it is necessary to bear in mind the color (while more better energy) and the (voluminous) cut. Esthetics after dark: the keys are simple: black, pronounced shoulders and a point Gothic - rock. Tendency new romantic: they are perfect for this look...
to choose well... the whole art
Valentino high fashion
What more wanted one that to have proper style! To know exactly what one has left well and what evil. What clothes does it highlight and what clothes squash it. What comes to him like a glove and what does it I turned disguised. Not to fall down in discussions without exit Asmoda Joven it gives you two simple keys. He takes note...
It might tell that the clothes are a projection of one himself opposite to the others. When one chooses something, it is because this way we want that the others see us. But in this way towards the authenticity it is possible to lose the course and: - To Disguise itself: it happens when the clothes conceal absolutely the real identity of someone, hiding who is...
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