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Monkey of Chloé
The summer is in the air. They raise the temperatures, the hours of the sun get longer and you begin thinking that q there has come the moment to say good-bye to the overcoat clothes... if you are already thinking of renewing your closet facing the heat, young Asmoda presents the proposals of this period to you spring - summer 2009, so that you take a look it of the head to the feet.
Do not forget to protect your face of the sun and, already of step, a glamor touch meets to your fashion design on a hat: from Panamanian to big wide-brimmed straw hats, going on for others from rural inspiration... but, of course, that are of raffia. As for the sunglasses, the key summer complement, on the footbridge those of size have seen XL...
refreshing summer
Be already in the shape of sea or of swimming pool, The summer is coming and is evident in the eternal desserts, in the high temperatures and in the fashion. The swim suits are extracted of the closet. That nobody is scared with the first impression, that happens every year. The tendencies of this year are really favoring for all.
The water turns into a magnificent ally to enjoy the sun. The tendencies of this year in swim suits remember a 50s, much Audrey Hepburn. The style retro continues strongly and the elegance makes compatible with the serviceability of the swimsuits. They are in white person or black that they knot to the neck. It is not very comfortable if you like...
to choose well... the whole art
What more wanted one that to have style proper? To know very well what one has left well and what evil. What clothes does it highlight and what clothes squash it. What comes to him like glove and what does it I turned disguised. Not to fall down in discussions without exit, Asmoda Joven gives you two simple keys. He takes note:
It might tell that the clothes are a projection of one himself opposite to the others. When one chooses something, it is because this way we want that the others see us. But in this way towards the authenticity it is possible to lose the course and: - To Disguise itself: it happens when the clothes conceal absolutely the real identity of someone, hiding who is...
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