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Do you want to turn out to be more stylized? Tricks of style young Asmoda!
We all know that our style at the time of choosing and dressing the clothes and the complements say much of us: our personal style and our tastes. For it, our way of dressing can turn into a big ally to show a certain image, and even to go so far as to hide some small defects. Only it is a question of knowing some tricks so that you should optimize your image.
Each one we have our body, our kilos of more or of less and our height... And the way of dressing and the pledges that we choose can do miracles if we can extract party, both to our figure and to the closet. So, from young Asmoda, we offer you some advices to hide these defectillos and to promote everything...
What is there again for this spring?
From asmoda young man we synthesize the new tendencies to you so that it is very easy to choose what more you goes of the new proposals... to you: and anímae, that with the spring the color comes again!
1 Colors: The fluorine and the tones makeup: Rose, target and orange, lilac 2 Cloths: Vegetable fibres, silks, fibres man-made. 3 Pledges it covers with stars: XXL or mini: Blouses, louse-fitting shirts and blazers (jackets of masculine cut). Long and stamped garments. 4 Estampados:...
Do you know how is a fashion imposed?
We are going to analyze the routes that a fashion has to get in the society. It is a strange but very interesting process. The people usually believe that the publicity is who becomes fashionable a little, but: what role does it play really inside this process?
To use famous personages as living announcements, to distribute news on curious effects of the product that is desirable to sell or to place this product in a success movie are some of the tricks that use the marketing and the publicity to create a fashion... and so that we continue it. But these are not the only methods that...
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