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Make up also in summer!
The veranito is already here and it is necessary to adapt the makeup to the heat and to the station. In addition to the lightest bases for these months, we propose today, from young Asmoda, some kitchen cabinets to you so that the makeup is more coloring and summer, along with the beach or the swimming pool.
* The color peach is very summer, therefore it stays very much if we introduce it in our routine of cosmetic colors. There is glosses in this color and also shades in tones apricot that they can make happy a little the typical neutral and dull aspect that we give ourselves in summer, like for example the quartet Starlight, of Revlon. * Care with...
Of profession... "cool-hunter"
Susana Patiño has an immense white smile. She is a height kidling and very agilely when it moves. It looks at everything and when something attracts attention of him, extracts quickly his digital camera and immortalizes it. Young Asmoda has wanted to interview it so that you know it better!
Did you study anything fashionably? I studied industrial psychology in the Complutensian one and when I ended had the typical crisis in which he did not know at that he wanted to be employed. I went away this summer to New York and I was working like barmaid. The truth is that I spent it to myself very well and gained a lot of money. How did you enter the world of the fashion?...
And you: of whom are you?
In a planet encompassed in that the information, the thought, the forms of life and the customs look alike increasingly to a neighbors' courtyard to world scale, it exist nevertheless a few that rebel against this widespread uniformity.
They are the called urban tribes who, although they want to take the opposite one to everything what is to walk like fleecy clouds, form well compact groups, generally of the young people and of avenging cut. There are born fruit of this the called stereotypes, which determine in many cases the social relations at present (substituting to...
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