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the looks of the period
The glam rock as Balmain
There has come the moment to update your closet in this new period autumn – winter. If you have planned to go of shopping in these days, Asmoda presents to you the looks that have done fury on the footbridge:
1. Glam Rock: For girls those who like feeling safe of themselves. There unties your spirit more heavy with tacks, leather, sheens and the omnipresent black color. Put a point rocker to your wardrobe, but without excesses. It is a question of being glam, not Gothic. 2. Ochentero: Definitely, the wink entertained a 80s has managed...
Proposal of point of Top hat and Lola
The winter has taken possession of the temperatures. The scoreboard is lower and lower and the fashion offers us alternatives to be able to survive of the form more trendy to the winter colds.

From Asmoda Joven we propose to you three textiles with which you will triumph in this period: the thick point, the leather and the velvet
The tendecias, the colors, the volúmnes are changing every period but the textile that is supported is the point. The technology in the textile could not have gone bust to the knit. And not only because the wool that weaves it turns it into the most warm, it is that also it is light, comfortable and it is possible to adapt to any silhouette. We can find it...
to choose well... the whole art
What more wanted one that to have proper style! To know exactly what one has left well and what evil. What clothes does it highlight and what clothes squash it. What comes to him like a glove and what does it I turned disguised. Not to fall down in discussions without exit Asmoda Joven it gives you two simple keys. He takes note...
It might tell that the clothes are a projection of one himself opposite to the others. When one chooses something, it is because this way we want that the others see us. But in this way towards the authenticity it is possible to lose the course y: - Disguise itself: it happens when the clothes conceal absolutely the real identity of someone, hiding who is...
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