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What things spoil your image?
It is not new at all, since we come repeating it for time, that the personal image is something important. Of the visual impact that we give, 93 % is visual and only 7 % corresponds to the language. Bearing in mind the quantity of the people with which we cross every day (and with which we do not speak) it would be of strict coherence to offer an image the most similar thing to our real way of being.
And so, at the moment of dressing ourselves and to get ready, we rise the following question to ourselves: do I meet well? Of course, it is slightly frequent to find the best answer, so, to avoid the bad moment, young Asmoda suggests you here some Tips that you can avoid to show the possible best thing. 1. To use not appropriate colors: In previous...
The essential ones of this period
On bases of neutral colors in black, blue overseas, beige, brown and the whole scale of gray, blows appear, or simply detail, of some color surprise: fundamentally purple. Also it has great attends the oranges and the coppers. The metal of the period is the gold that appears in buttons, chains and tacks.
The matters that are in charge, between others, are the leather, more flexible that never, how the second skin, the lacquer, the worn out wools of bold forms, and the skins of long hair mixed between themselves and composing real art pieces. The pledge reigns it is the jacket, of all the lengths and workmanships. But also there are ponchos, caps of...
The elegance in the behavior
Often the concept of “elegance“ usually makes a mistake in the world of the fashion. Today, everything is labeled of elegantly and, in many cases, it it is not. That's why, from young Asmoda we want to investigate thoroughly on a question of supreme importance. We all want to be elegant but often we know neither what the elegance is not even, nor how it is acquired. Let's see this essay of D. Rafael Etcheverría, I hope it gives us some tracks.
For D. Rafael Etcheverría (digital Magazine Good to Live) through One of the arts most difficult of conquering is the elegance so, how any art, it has rules and becomes polished for the continuous repetition up to achieving the perfection. The elegance does not diminish to fulfilling a fistful of social norms. That would be learned easily and a machine might...
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