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Boots Ugg
They have turned into the fashionable accessory. All the celebrities have been done by them. Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria or Kate Moss have already theirs. The fashion victim Sarah Jessica Parker was done by the only pair, in red color ruby. Blake Lively y Leighton Meester, protagonists of Gossip Girl, could not have resisted to the Ugg either. Asmoda you counts everything on the boots that have done fury this period and on how showing them.
The boots Uggs are not the typical shoes that you hope to see in the feet of an actress or a top model. They have a few thick flat soles and a look without form. But perhaps his rural and slightly rough air is precisely the key of his success. After the peep toes have destroyed to more of one the feet, the Ugg is the answer...
I doubt that it is for the Christmas decoration but the lights, the sheens, the luminous thing that we could have enjoyed it has moved also to the textiles, to our complements and outfits.

The look ochentero returns without comeback and this year is treading loudly with the spangles of colors that are a few indisputable protagonists in this period. The spangles have always been very present in our holiday suits, but the caprice fashion of the moment is of not resigning of the spangles day by day...
"this way I see you, this way I treat you"
The clothes, so often disguise entrusted to pretend the one who knows all the defects, insecurities and complexes, it is also a noble external sign of functions and real status, and the condition of the men fulfills this way the most effective role given
This way I see you, this way I treat you, it says the popular language. The one who does not attend on the dignity of an office, or of a charge, or of a person, and it appears before the others with an outfit foreign to any esthetic, social or ethical consideration, covers the dangerous risk of being had as what neither is does not even seem. Almost all the individuals have in...
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