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What style does 2008 you sit better?
Along the different periods we see parading for the international footbridges inspirations and tendencies of the most varied thing. Nevertheless, not quite what takes has why to convince you. At the time of dressing you, the trick consists of finding which is to all these looks the one that more fits to you. After all, your way of dressing says very much of how you are. We present to you some of the most chic styles of the period so that you discover which is the one that better you sits:
1. Exotic: the exotic style is characterized by the use of soft tones (beige, brown, green hunts), for the pants type loaded, for the white blouses, the handmade accessories and for cloths like the leather and before. It is inspired in the Amazon forest, in the African savanna or in the American Indians. It is an encouraged remake of the tribal thing...
The essential ones of this period
On bases of neutral colors in black, blue overseas, beige, brown and the whole scale of gray, blows appear, or simply detail, of some color surprise: fundamentally purple. Also it has great attends the oranges and the coppers. The metal of the period is the gold that appears in buttons, chains and tacks.
The matters that are in charge, between others, are the leather, more flexible that never, how the second skin, the lacquer, the worn out wools of bold forms, and the skins of long hair mixed between themselves and composing real art pieces. The pledge reigns it is the jacket, of all the lengths and workmanships. But also there are ponchos, caps of...
The designers of "Wendy's small house"
There have been the last ones of the footbridge of the EGO of Cibeles and have managed to start a smile to us to all. Everything was much "happy": the music, the clothes, the way of parading of the models (jumping), the makeup... Happy is the youngest line of Wendy's Small house of the designers Inés and Iván to which Happy Brianda Martínez de Fitz James joins the adventure. Asmoda has spoken with them.
Why the line Happy? It is a more commercial and cheaper line to come to the big public. We have done it with simple, such materials as the cotton. Why do you believe that they have chosen you for the Ego? Why is it a different and entertaining way of seeing the fashion. We are tired always of seeing...
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