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not without my blazer
Be which be your style, it will be very difficult to resist the must of this period to you: the blazer. Perfect for a chance look or for special occasions, to go to class or to go out of holiday. The one that is triumphing? That of masculine cut (boyfriend blazer), size XL and colors nude. Asmoda gives you the keys to combine this pledge to your air and to achieve a triumphal look.
Look rocker: he accompanies the blazer of a few jeans cigaret or a few shorts, add a stamped T-shirt to him and put on some converse or a few sandals with tacks and you will have an air ochentero perfectly, as that Balmain proposes to us. Look clasic: less bold but always elegant, it combines your blazer with a few cigarets and ballerinas. Put one...
Handkerchief stamped with borlones
The handkerchief is turning into a must (you must take it) of the summer complements that will fill with color your closet
What will be more summer trendy? A complement that has come with a lot of force to the shops and the most important thing, to the street are the handkerchiefs. You can find them big and small, of flowers or with patterns geometric but always full of color. A big handkerchief is perfect to knot it to the neck, in several returns and that...
are you born elegant or do you it learn to be?
Design of Givenchy photographed by Frank Horvat
Is it possible to be born being elegant?, true, but also it is possible to learn to be elegant. Everything begins with an internal decision.
You what do you think? In effect, it is possible to be born being elegant, but also it is possible to learn to be elegant. Everything begins with an internal decision. The real elegance arises from your woman's interior; and it is the one that expresses the form in which you perceive yourself and value yourself. As well as you feel, project yourself. Nowadays we cannot deny that ours...
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