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For: Paula Gárgoles
Stamped leopard garment
The animals patterns flood the city... We can find the wildest prints both in cravats, and in ballerinas or in the multiple garments of the period. The important thing is that it is present in your outfit. Young Asmoda gives you a resaso of the last thing!
The fund colors are also showy, like the red one or the electrical blue, although for the most classic, we can find a gray or beige fund that turns out to be less showy.

If you are of the most bold we recommend to you garments or skirts. So that it does not turn out to be excessive, the complements must be neutral or smooth, not to recharge too much the outfit.

If you want to mix two tendencies in one it is possible with the skirts and dressed in cancan, like the garments of the ballet festivals.

If what you want is to give him a touch fashion the best thing any complement is with the print of leopard, which a look fashion gives you, with a simple detail like a cravat, a few ballerinas or a purse.

Since it is a very strong tendency, you will not have any problem in finding it in any place.
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