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For: Mercedes Barroso
What will be your style next winter? You will dare with the Russian caps, the skirts bonbon, will recall the glamorous years 30 of the hand of long garments of sateen like Katharine Hepburn or will praise yourself for the new Bohemian … There has come the moment to try and to try up to meeting on the looks that will fill again our closet.
If you accept this advice do not buy the first thing that you find. The winter is very long and the budget, unfortunately, always has a limit. The first thing that you must do is to inform you about everything, to come to your confidence shops and later to do a closet fund to months test. A good overcoat, a few boots of mounting without heel, a few lounge shoes with wedge, a minilayer of skin, a few Bermuda shorts of tweed and a long garment of pattern of cashmere will give to you, insurance, a good service. 

Do not lose of sight the most applauded styles of the footbridges and learn to take them to the practice … 

Like a Princess of Wales... since you hear it. Kenzo and Alexander McQueen between others have decided that the tweed, the cheviot, the Prince of Wales, the tartan and the crow's foot are fashionable. 

The style "Eye of partridge", also. Is here the whole luxury. A few boots of footbridge signed by Costume Nacional. Three combine of material keys of the period, the English textile, the skin of before and the crocodile.
Mr. Borsalino is, par excellence, the hat of the moment. In English textiles they will combine you with everything. Also you can take them more sophisticated in velvet, brocades or of lace. In Accessorize you will be able to find them in several textiles and colors.
Finally, the Bermuda shorts to cuadrod will be one of the pledges winter fetish. Them take with everything … woolen jerseys, tops romantic, sandals with wedge or miniovercoats of cloth.

The Russian's cap has been the most acclaimed accessory of the footbridges and the most chic of the moment. If you dare with him take it with stamped garments and a few boots to the knee. We have seen them in all the footbridges, Custo Barcelona, Roberto Cavalli, Gai Mattiolo … and also you will see them in a heap of shops at very accessible prices. 

In Handle you will find leather minivests, in Target his pledges in skin of rabbit or in Zara the reefers with belt.
The fox minibolsito is an authentic jewel to hang by your doll. It belongs to Furla and it is destined only for the big occasions.

Long garments and patterns, wide-brimmed straw hats of felt, big glasses, purses of before of color, comfortable boots and, of course, a brushed ad hoc, or, it borders to the way and long hair to the wind like Sienna Miller. There has come the moment to transform the style hippie who accompanied the whole summer to us. Your hardware to obtain it will be some caftan in