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What is there again for this spring?
For: Mercedes Barroso
From asmoda young man we synthesize the new tendencies to you so that it is very easy to choose what more you goes of the new proposals... to you: and anímae, that with the spring the color comes again!
1 Colors:
The fluorine and the tones makeup: Rose, target and orange, lilac

2 cloths:
Vegetable fibres, silks, fibres man-made.

3 pledges it covers with stars:
The XXLth or mini: Blouses, louse-fitting shirts and blazers (jackets of masculine cut).
Long and stamped garments.

4 patterns:
Inspired in the contemporary painting and the summer thunderstorms. Always flowers.

5 styles:
Seaworthy, African, classic, retro...

6 shoes:
Wedges of esparto of all the colors. Rustic sandals with platform, of strips or ballerinas

7 complements:
- Necklaces sculpture and bracelets of colors
- Purses XXL, colorings, size portfolio and handle.
- Wide belts, and of big buckles of colors metallized like the gold, silver or bronze.
- Sunglasses: big, with thick mount, of panoramic crystal, or thinner and light.

8 inspirations period:
- Vintage and romantic inspirations and hippies.
- Glamor years 40: high sizes, skirts of bell and garments cut empire.
- Africa, ethnic and tribal world: patterns of zebra or leopard and the predominance of the khaki color together with browns.

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