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the sneakers of the victory...
For: Paula Gárgoles
A few years ago were not very well seen but from the past period they are causing fury. His unmistakable scale of colors they make them only and the fact is that the sneakers Victory, of New Millenium, are fashionable again. Young Asmoda presents them to you and gives you the keys for customizarlas yourself!
The company New Millenium was created in 1934 but there was not until 50 years ago when they threw his model English Victoria, the sneakers that we all take when we were small. Red, blue, yellow, green, white, black, of all the colors but that now is already not enough. The customización has come to the canvas sneakers with white rubber sole.

For one year Vitoria organizes a contest of customización of his sneakers. Several models have presented before themselves and more than two hundred models have taken place for his sale, produced principally in Alicante. The boom of the model Inglesa began two years ago in England and gave the jump to Barcelona, from there it spread to the rest of the peninsula.

It is a simple product, without many complications. The designers have thrown new models with small changes but the public wants the mythical English sneaker. In summer especially although this winter they were seen by socks to game.


What does it mean customizarlas? It is to personalize them with drawings or adornments so that nobody in the world has some equal to yours. The Victory they are perfect for his textile and for his smooth color.


1st) you need to obtain permanent felt-tips for cloth and gum and when you have experience: acrylic for cloth. If you want to paint also the gum area, you need felt-tips that go away with the water, to be able reutilizarlos with new ideas.

2nd) to think what you want to draw, sew or stick. It makes the imagination free, but to start with something easy, there can be done streaks of different grosores, points of colors, stars, moons …

3rd) If you have decided the colors and the drawing, it takes a pencil and captures your idea in the sneakers. This way you can be outlining without fear of being wrong. 

4th) It Does and colors: the moment of the truth has come. It reflects your style and your taste in these unrepeatable sneakers.
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