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For: Mercedes Barroso
Are you prepared? From young Asmoda we move forward to you the tendencies of this new period autumn - winter 08/09. Only one note: the structured pledges take but of soft courts...
The cold has come and, to wrap ourselves up, they turn completely renewed the cuts in trapeze (the well-known line A). 

In materials they emphasize the point and the wool that take in sizes XXL. 

Style touches grounge contrast taking on a look with the purest style high fashion.

As for the colors, they predominate outstanding figure over the gray and the “new blacks”. Degraded of blue and of course some warm, very autumnal tones.

The chance style of the weekend comes from the hand of many creators, as the pledges elegance or more free.

A refined spirit of the "Folk" style, completely renewed and re-interpreted by the designers, in completely natural tones they harmonize to the perfection with the style of the new period. 

We find also the style Business, completely elegant and marked by the thin size to the waist. 

In the tailoring pledges, it will be marked especially with belts or well wide strips and of course the high size is not missing in the pants, a fashion that it turns. 

Impeccable bootblacks, shirts without sleeves of poplin, pronounced sizes, wide pants, are the principal pledges "must" that will stand out in the period autumn / winter. 

Another style that we can emphasize is the “Chic rock”. The grounge that so much the adolescents became fashionable in the 90s, returns to the most current fashion in light touches. 

In this style rock, the cachemires have free route, the sateen prevails and the matters like the vinyl, lúrex, golden and/or silver shine more than never. 

Other one that returns is the “jacket she gelds retro”, this one period is re-interpreted by new materials as the wool or the mesh. This pledge "must" is ideal to combine with skirts to the knee and jeans. 

A retro-modern spirit in the set, with jackets he gelds in black and red, a "must". With pledges to the knee to contrast game, this set represents the look that will turn out to be great in the next period.
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