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refreshing summer
For: Paula Gárgoles
Be already in the shape of sea or of swimming pool, The summer is coming and is evident in the eternal desserts, in the high temperatures and in the fashion. The swim suits are extracted of the closet. That nobody is scared with the first impression, that happens every year. The tendencies of this year are really favoring for all.
The water turns into a magnificent ally to enjoy the sun. The tendencies of this year in swim suits remember a 50s, much Audrey Hepburn. The style retro continues strongly and the elegance makes compatible with the serviceability of the swimsuits.

They are in white person or black that they knot to the neck. It is not very comfortable if you like throwing you of head to the swimming pool but it is very feminine. The color chocolate is of the colors with the one that the leather dark-haired person highlights more, although it looks like a lie. If you want something more sophisticated, the combination of white color and gold is perfect. 

If you like the living colors, Etam proposes swim suits of all the colors: fuchsia, yellow, orange that are happy and living like the summer. If you do not like happening unnoticed in the beach, Benetton has thrown a swim suit of colors, very juvenile and entertaining.


The endless hours down the sun does that it is necessary the head to be covered with a hat. It is a complement that has returned with a lot of force. There are the wide-brimmed straw hats, which with his immense wings protect you from the sun. They give an air of prima donna whom it takes it. Also there are the masculine hats that bring an estilazo to your look. If you want to be more discreet, now the raffia hats take with form of cap. In the hats the essential only thing is the material: RAFFIA.

They are very useful and comfortable. For when? To have the aperitif in the everlasting refreshment stall, to walk along the beach or to go down to the swimming pool of your building. There are several ways of putting itself it: bundle to the waist: it is perfect to cover the defects. If your pareo is a little big, you can knot it to the neck and it turns into a beach garment.

The feet also have to go according to your summer look. The most comfortable thing the Fip-flop brought from the Japan is, but if you want some more cool, we propose sandals to you with colors stones details. It is a way of not giving up from the serviceability and going fashion.

To go down to the beach, the purse fills with things: sunglasses, the creams, the towel … conclusion: you need a big purse and that it does not weigh. The most traditional thing are the wicker baskets. The last thing the Tote: light purse as soon as material and with big handles. If it has an entertaining, much better pattern. You can find in Misako.
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