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Some tendencies that began seeing the light last year, continue his unstoppable ascent in 2007.
One of our bowshots is undoubtedly the tendency "slim".
You will have to get accustomed to the pants cigaret if you like going to the last one: also you will be able to extract a good party to your nice legs!
Kate Moss was one of the first followers to the pants cigaret or slim fit. More fashion continued his steps without doubting it and now we cannot happen without them, cigaret is already in his most exact version, the leggins or in the version.
To prevent the hips from receiving too much leading role, except for more delgaditas, the best thing is to combine with a jersey XL XL or a tunic, super feminine.

It is eternal and never a fashionable raisin: the black vestidito returns strongly and spring / summer 2007 will be very present in the collections of the next period.
An outstanding figure between the outstanding figures, the black vestidito is eternal. This year is more present that and it cannot ever be missing in your closet fund. Of high size or evasé, and with very discreet neckline. You can take it in whole look to nongo, with averages of lace or of bold colors... you choose...: of all it is known that the black garment suits to all the silhouettes!

As for the purses, we are of luck. We it will be able to take almost everything in our maxi purse. But care, it is not necessary either that you take the house above! It is so practical that we cannot already go out of house without him. It is beautiful, it fits quite inside and this year we will see it throughout. Although it is XXL a hollow has been able to be done under the arm and you can take it even in holidays.

We love the costume jewelry of fantasy and the most classic jewels mixed with the most bold pledges.
The tendency bio in the cosmetics is gaining area. The ecology is more and more present in our lives and to put your sand granite you will be able to begin for using natural products on your own skin.

The red color, an outstanding figure of the makeup of lips returns strongly this year: so prepare yourself to have to yourself a few lips worthy of a star of movies!
The scale of colors of the period is inspired, this time, in urban and rural sceneries at the same time; real and imaginary, sweet and fresh...

And here you have four topics of the period Spring - summer:
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