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Of profession... "cool-hunter"
For: Paula Gárgoles
Susana Patiño has an immense white smile. She is a height kidling and very agilely when it moves. It looks at everything and when something attracts attention of him, extracts quickly his digital camera and immortalizes it. Young Asmoda has wanted to interview it so that you know it better!
Did you study anything fashionably?
I studied industrial psychology in the Complutensian one and when I ended had the typical crisis in which he did not know at that he wanted to be employed. I went away this summer to New York and I was working like barmaid. The truth is that I spent it to myself very well and gained a lot of money.
How did you enter the world of the fashion?
When the summer ended, I sat down and wrote in a role everything what I liked. Words appeared like chocolate, to sleep and the fashion. The fashion was calling me greatly the attention but he did not know anything. So I did courses that me were specializing in Fashion Institut of Technology (FIT), further on in Parsons School of Design in New York and Central Saint Matins of London.
3. What did you learn living in New York?
I learned thousands of things, but I would remain with that the American dream is possible. There all the possibilities exist. There is nothing impossible and in my case I have experienced it. An industrial psychologist is devoting herself to what he is excites: the tendencies investigation.
What has brought you to be a coolhunter?
Going for the street with tourist's eyes, of I to surprise for everything and managing to be astonished of the nice thing that exists in the simplest things. Concentrate on the fall of this overcoat of leopard on the chair (it continued looking a little bit a little bit in silence during 3 seconds and then it looked at me smiling and said to me: and that more?
What is needed to be a good tendencies investigator?
To be very curious, to be opened for everything like a sponge and in being very intuitive. Ah! And I believe that also humble because it is the form in which you have more opportunities of learning.
How did you come up to Peclers Paris, the best agency of investigation of tendencies?
After doing some fashionable courses, I began calling all the agencies of investigation of tendencies and requested an informative interview. I alone wanted to know more to close how I was and that they were doing. They were surprising to all when he was saying to them that in fact he was not looking for work but he wanted only to learn. When I spoke with the Peclers Paris of New York I asked them if they needed to someone of practices. I was offering to work free. They accepted me and I was working very much for three months without receiving anything. My assignment was to do a strategic planning for an exhibition that Peclers was going to do. I strained very much and the truth is that it went out for me very well. Just these days, a chief of Paris was visiting the office and he liked my picture, when he asked the one who had done it said: "we are going to record it”. From here on I was working like favorite until I married and went away to Paris.
How is the work rhythm in an agency?
They work many hours and you never know when you will end today. But it is an exciting work. One works for projects. For example, the mark of cigarets Vogue wanted to extract a line of luxurious tobacco that would be called Divine. We were investigating to close to the perception of the luxury nowadays and of how it would be successful a few "luxurious" cigarets in the real people. Now the interest is in the public and not in the product.
How is it possible to be known that something is a tendency?
It is slightly complex and with many factors but when you have done thousands of photos to the people of the street, instinctively you group them for heaps and you realize where the tendency goes. The most interesting and entertaining thing is to do photos in the doors of the institutes. It likes to place the young people.
Who buys the investigations?
Now the marks are global and they have neither enough people nor time as to investigate what is going to take in 2 years. It is bought by almost all the multinationals as Microsoft and the fashionable marks. How do you explain to yourself that every year most of the designers should coincide? It is a way of reducing the risk of being wrong.
How is your life now how freelance?
Now I live in London and here there is no office of investigation of tendencies Peclers Paris. As freelance, I work for order. It is very hard because you have to have discipline great with yourself. Everybody believes that for working at home, “you do not work”.
It has been difficult to me to go very much of Paris but little by little I will be doing. London is a fascinating city.
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