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For: Paula Gárgoles
Proposal of point of Top hat and Lola
Dressed velvet turquoise
Jacket of leather of Sfera
The winter has taken possession of the temperatures. The scoreboard is lower and lower and the fashion offers us alternatives to be able to survive of the form more trendy to the winter colds.

From Asmoda Joven we propose to you three textiles with which you will triumph in this period: the thick point, the leather and the velvet
The tendecias, the colors, the volúmnes are changing every period but the textile that is supported is the point. The technology in the textile could not have gone bust to the knit.

And not only because the wool that weaves it turns it into the most warm, it is that also it is light, comfortable and it is possible to adapt to any silhouette.

We can find it in the gloves, caps and scarves, which it is where we have always seen it, but also he is a woven protagonist in the jerséis, garments and vests, which are woven in angora wools, of cashemere or of mohair with subtle mopboards and drawings of Alpine style.

Other of the most noble textiles of the winter period is the velvet, which it raises to everything what takes it of a top status, as if this textile so sueva, it was turning it especially. One of the its of the temporad is the blazer or the velvet American, that pipe one can convinar with a skirt for a more formal occasion or with a few jeans in another more chance moment.

The influence rocker persists and it is possible to see that in the street with the invasion of leather that exists, especially in jackets and purses. The leather leather jacket, already be in black color, that it is harder or in color camel is one of the basic pledges of the period.

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