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Complement with the summer!
For: Maria Candela
It approaches the good weather and the streets of our cities, which are “a big footbridge”, fill of fashionistas that show the complements more it of the period. Do you want to know which are? In Asmoda we tell them to you so that you should not lose track...

Let's start by the head. Why do you have it but to show it? Handkerchiefs, hairdos, diadems, pens, wide-brimmed straw hats. A wide variety that will contribute an elegant touch to your beach days or to the social summer events. A style to be continued? The hats retro of Marc Jacobs.

The fringe invades your sandals and purses. They will give you an air chic hippie, who devastates this summer. It leaves that more Bohemians accompany to your gauze garments.

He wakes up your most ethnic side. XXL shows jewels, put turbans and handkerchiefs, fill your slaves' dolls and maxipulseras and show favoring necklaces sculpture.

The spring came this period cargadita from flowers. He looks for the patterns adorned for all your complements: purses, handkerchiefs, pareos, brooches or hairdos. The best designers they have not forbidden to turn into his touch theirs fetish: are you going to do it?

The belts? Of big buckles and of two styles: well of metallized colors or of braided skin. Of course, wide and marking waist. The baby doll lose bellows after the prima donnas of the 40s.

Not without my purse! The most necessary complement to keep “our particular universe” you it can take style portfolio, of bandolier a 70s, of handle or size XXL.: You choose! A model that triumphs? The purses with animal pattern.

To wear your feet, you have two options. If you the heights go, raise you to a few sandals of wedge or to a few taconazos of platform that put the glamorous point to your style. And if you prefer to live to soil evenness, put on a few ballerinas.

The purses and shoes allow to be seen by the footbridge adorned with embroideries and wall lights. You already see that the excesses take, although one by one, without losing the basic rule “less it is more”.

The lacquer triumphs again. Although it was already present during the winter, this tendency fights for the permanence.

And what colors take? From the tones cake to the colors fluorine: you choose!

And, finally, but not less important: how do I protect myself from the sun? The big sunglasses take, with thick mount. The best example: those of Prada.

How do you see, all the styles fit: from the most romantic to more surfs. The secret? To find your place in this “macroholiday of complements”.

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