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summer to the fashion
For: Mercedes Barroso

Asmoda proposes the summer tendencies to you in decades, silhouettes, patterns and textures. He chooses the clothes that better feels you and lives through the fashion of this summer.

This summer will do history, or rather, it has already done it. Forms of last century, minigarments a 20s, skirts new look style fifties, garments setenteros, leggings years 80... They resuscitate to return strongly this 2007. The best thing? We put him facing the future.

Attention because triangles, rectangles, circles, ovals, squares, hexagons and other geometric forms leave the mathematics notebooks to show with firm line on your body. But do not forget that the slogan is the volume. Ready to keep the forms?

Leopards, optical illusions, tribal symbols, wild flowers, tropical fruits, two-color seaworthy, lunar streaks and up to faces pop they come ready to dye all the summer creations of happiness and color. The final verdict? Long life to the print.

Lace, lacquer, leather, metal, point, paillettes, gauze, taffeta, lamé, cotton, before, pens... We have spent list and we already have the result: this summer has not been missing anybody to the big style lesson that it dictates the footbridge. He enjoys the exhibition and extracts honor registration on the subject of textiles.

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