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For: Paula Gárgoles
Handkerchief stamped with borlones
The handkerchief is turning into a must (you must take it) of the summer complements that will fill with color your closet
What will be more summer trendy? A complement that has come with a lot of force to the shops and the most important thing, to the street are the handkerchiefs. You can find them big and small, of flowers or with patterns geometric but always full of color.

A big handkerchief is perfect to knot it to the neck, in several returns and that stays of form abullonada, creating a different form in the high part of your look.

Another form is to put yourself it in the shape of Palestine. To place it yourself, the easiest form is to double for the half the handkerchief, to coil it on if the same and to place it yourself about the neck, so that the peak stays down.

To protect yourself of the sun, another way of placing it yourself in the head, in the shape of pirate. It favors very much and gives you a touch of years 60 very stylish. For more fashion, more it is the turban that Prada rescued in the footbridges.

Another way of giving a use fashion to your handkerchief, is to knot it in the purse and if it is of bandolier … perfectly!

If you have chosen a short handkerchief, it is preferable that has a stamped surf or with style Rock roll, to give more force to your look.

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