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footwear inspired by the 80
For: Mercedes Barroso
From young Asmoda we present the last thing to you in juvenile footwear for the next temporado autumn - winter 2008, which comes with new ideas and colors and with certain reminiscences of the eighties.

- The boots and booties receive leading role in materials like the lacquer and the skins with lurex with buckles that get together correctly. 

- The classic merceditas are renewed by touches of sheen and flowers stamped on silver. 

- The sports ones of living colors and sheens keep on having his place but in this period in aged skins combined with lurex

- The fury of the rubber boots also does notch in the fashion of the footwear and there are proposed, for a rainy autumn, boots of happy colors full of flowers. 


On the other hand, the colors that take more force are the red and black ones, but they receive importance also the scale of gray (already seen last year), as well as the pink stick and the browns.
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