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ready for the winter!
For: Mercedes Barroso
The king: the black
Raise you to a few booties!
Your winter look
As every beginning of period, young Asmoda sums the tendencies of this winter up to you. The labyrinth of the fashion presents a multitude of currents that will be imposed next months, but we remain with four: them 80's, the round black, the new romantic one and the eternal style lady.
Esthetics ochentera: The ingredients of this look are great, but undoubtedly it is necessary to bear in mind the color (while more better energy) and the (voluminous) cut.

Esthetics after dark: the keys are simple: black, pronounced shoulders and a point Gothic - rock.

Tendency new romantic: they are perfect for this look the miscellany of garments of gauze and silk with rustic fur coats or a white garment with a brad in under.

Style lady: to renew the look lady without falling down in the kitsch the ideal pieces would be a chaquetita of woven wool of wide silhouette or a garment of round neck.

Color: And when we say color, we mean very much color … Dare to mix without fear. Also, the omnipresent black takes.

Court: voluminous and exaggerated.

Accessories: There re-arises the hat as key piece of the period. And, in general, the accessories take possession of hard and architectural silhouettes.

Shoes: They give a feminine air and vintage the booties with the top of tacks or those of style retro.
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