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For: Paula Gárgoles
I doubt that it is for the Christmas decoration but the lights, the sheens, the luminous thing that we could have enjoyed it has moved also to the textiles, to our complements and outfits.

The look ochentero returns without comeback and this year is treading loudly with the spangles of colors that are a few indisputable protagonists in this period.

The spangles have always been very present in our holiday suits, but the caprice fashion of the moment is of not resigning of the spangles day by day, combined with other textiles that even very little does they were almost hostile.

Is it possible to mix the spangles with the point? OFF COURSE. It is a risky mix but that works. In the shops point jerseys can be seen with details of spangles that break the rustic or more informal style.

Or also it is possible to tie the cotton with the spangles, which give you another look to your everlasting T-shirt. If you want to join two tendencies, you can join the style navy, with a T-shirt of navy blue streaks or red with sheens details

The sheens that have always been reserved for the night, receive a special force also for the day.
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