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The essential ones of this period
For: Mercedes Barroso
On bases of neutral colors in black, blue overseas, beige, brown and the whole scale of gray, blows appear, or simply detail, of some color surprise: fundamentally purple. Also it has great attends the oranges and the coppers. The metal of the period is the gold that appears in buttons, chains and tacks.

The matters that are in charge, between others, are the leather, more flexible that never, how the second skin, the lacquer, the worn out wools of bold forms, and the skins of long hair mixed between themselves and composing real art pieces. 

The pledge reigns it is the jacket, of all the lengths and workmanships. But also there are ponchos, caps of wool, jewels, the highest boots or booties, heels of dizziness, long gloves, very big purses... 

In the night there are sheens, spangles. Short night garments with neckline bathtub, but also very luxurious long garments. 

Years 40
A sophisticated tendency, with a collection of seductive super pledges: waisted jackets, straight skirts, small black garments. 

The whole glamor and the delight of the big stars of the movies to dress the night. Sophisticated garments with dazzling details: necklines "word of honor", brooches of strass

Beautiful skins
The imagination and the fantasy led to the universe of the skins. Sophisticated skins, with a wild touch, worked with an absolute mastery. 

New Tailors
Pledges of masculine cut, adapted to the feminine forms. Suits of jacket and masculine straight pants, cárdigans of point with maxicinturón, booties with drawstrings. 

Color Shocking
New color codes in search of the impact at first sight. With a luxurious cocktail: purple and black. Try a silk blouse on with knot, or any other feminine detail, with pants pitilllo black... Irresistible.

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