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For: Mercedes Barroso
It is transgresora and rebel, commode, sale and atemporal. It is the most versatile pledge of the current tendencies, and the whole icon of the fashion
In the history of the fashion, no garment has given to the women so many happy moments as the T-shirt. His classic design in the shape of T capital letter (in English his name is T-shirt), has turned to the world and has changed our way of dressing. Combinables and of long life, is used to go to the school, to go out with the friends, to do exercise and even to sleep. They are so essential and popular like the jeans and they dress many people in different marks, logotypes and personalized messages. 

The today tendency
· The T-shirt is the pledge that better speech of you yourself; take it with sleeves or without them, with neckline in V or roundly.
· There is replaced the traditional and favoring white person and to the eternal and elegant black with intense colors like green, red, orange, yellow and blue.
· Now there are in heyday the drawings more than the entertaining slogans that so much attracted attention it does a pair of years.
· The geometric drawings, the flowers, the Japanese letters and the streaks are the most requested patterns. 

Cloth with many history
The concept is created so that the T-shirts are accompanied on jeans and you show a fresh look, cool and without complications. 

The T-shirt is a pledge that has written one of the most memorable pages of the history of the fashion. Although it is from modest origin, to short but firm steps it has turned into the principal protagonist of the international footbridges and into the star of the shop windows of the whole world: 

After working like underwear for centuries, it gave some advances in the movies of the hand of Marlon Brando and James Dean. In the 30, Coconut Chanel, it rescued it and placed it to be seen like exterior clothes, and gave him the leading role that was deserved decorating it with navy blue streaks and lengthening his sleeve. It was in 1962 when Christian Dior raised it to high fashion category and in the 70, Yves Saint Laurent made her parade with his logotype in the footbridge and attracted attention on the most exquisite checkers of Europe. 

In the 80 the punks and the workers were using it to show his life style the groups of rock, the urban bands. And later, Jean Paul Gaultier turned it to become fashionable with his seaworthy designs and caused sensation. Giorgio Armani turned into a pledge his essential fetish in all his parades and since then he does not dress himself any more than with white or black T-shirts with pants. 

Finally, in the middle of the 90, the Spanish Custo Barcelona personalized it so that actresses as Julia Roberts y Cameron Díaz were showing it with luxurious tag. This way, the T-shirt has stopped being modest and has turned into a pledge of last. And as for fashion it refers, the T-shirt has been the big invention of the XXth century after the jeans.
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