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fashion nigth out!
For: Paula Gárgoles
There is white night for the museums, for the theaters and for the books and: Why was no one of the fashion? Vogue, the most prestigious publication in fashion was thrown yesterday to the night in target fashion, called Fashion Night Out that was present in 13 countries, between which the outstanding figures were: France, Italy and the United Kingdom, but also the emergent ones in fashion: Russia and Brazil.
Madrid was thrown to the street and had a massive answer. The hostess cut the street Ortega and Gasset, also called the Mile of Gold and placed a red carpet with a tent, to the pure style Fashion Week.

The fashion has this air of elitism, of place where “they all do not fit” and the yesterday event, he tried to attract the big public whom he enjoys the magic of the fashion. The streets of the Quarter of Salamanca and of Admiral were crammed with the nice people who wanted to enjoy the fashion. They opened more than 150 shops until 12 p.m.

It is clear that in Madrid we like to go out to the street, the night and the fashion...
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