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For: Mercedes Barroso
How are you? Wardrobe tricks Although the image is not the most important thing, it is necessary to give him the importance that it has. Also it is necessary to bear in mind that, of the impact that we give, 93 % is visual and, only 7 % corresponds to the language...
The personal image can always be improved, without getting obsessed, looking for the way of extracting the divided maximum. Also, it is a question, not only of good taste, but of good education, since we try to dress ourselves also for the others. 

And so, from Asmoda Joven, we give you 12 keys on your aspect that, prettily, can be improved. And he remembers that you have in your hand everything necessary to be perfect: being itself! 


1. Too thin: stamped suits, thick textiles and slightly tight pledges, marked necklines and wavy sleeves. 

2. Redondita: simple, smooth garments if possible, avoiding everything what they expand (shoulder pads, big sleeves and thick textiles). Tight short or long sleeves. Colors dark and woven with free fall. 

3. Short and/or fallen shoulders: shoulder pads, wide sleeves, necklines in V accompanied by adornments as flowers, bonds or laces. 

4. High and of strong constitution: it dresses simple pledges, without embroideries and of simple lines. To avoid the shoulder pads, the crossed suspenders, the skirts with very much flight and the wide planks. If what you want is precisely not to seem very high, a waist will help you with a little of bell, as well as the low neck with sleeves. 

5. Too much bust: neck V. To avoid waists empire. Thin vertical lines and necklines in peak. An important trick is to turn the look away towards the low part of the trunk, with a bold skirt. 

6. Little bust: to try to create volume at a height of the breast. For it the tops drapeados that are not very tight, the necklines ship and the garments of court empire help us. Shirt with pocket with gatherings at a height of the breast; handkerchiefs of living colors to the neck; big buttons in the shirts and any textile that has body. Neck Halter, accompanied of drapeados, embroideries and sheens in the part of the size, help us to give volume. 

7. Wide hips: Dressed in court in the shape of A, with elements that attract the attention to the top part of the body. It is necessary to give him major importance to the shoulders, with a jacket and the longer is the jacket, the better. The court garments empire also are very suitable. 

8. Waist felling: the bras in the shape of A or of retired waist. 

9. Short sizes: skirt below the waist and finished in something of peak. 

10. Wide back: dressed in wide skirt, sleeves of very simple cut, avoiding thick textiles and drapeados, as well as a little exact pledges. 

11. Short legs: skirts over the knees, long pledges to give major length to our figure, shoes of high heel. pants, lengths and straits. 

12. Wide waist: the pants of high waist, straight with tweezers or planked skirts or of wide waist. To complement with wide belts.
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