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Boots Ugg
Campaign autumn I hibernate 2009
They have turned into the fashionable accessory. All the celebrities have been done by them. Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria or Kate Moss have already theirs. The fashion victim Sarah Jessica Parker was done by the only pair, in red color ruby. Blake Lively y Leighton Meester, protagonists of Gossip Girl, could not have resisted to the Ugg either. Asmoda you counts everything on the boots that have done fury this period and on how showing them.
The boots Uggs are not the typical shoes that you hope to see in the feet of an actress or a top model. They have a few thick flat soles and a look without form. But perhaps his rural and slightly rough air is precisely the key of his success. After the peep toes have destroyed to more of one the feet, the Ugg is the answer anti-fashion to the heels.

Different models of Ugg exist Australia: Bailey Button, with plush reinforcement inside, Classic Cardy woven to crochet, Classic Short, the most sold model, or Classic Tall, which also are triumphing.

Ugg Australia and Jimmy Choo

The fanatics of the Ugg wait impatiently for the October arrival. It is then when there will see the light a collection of limited edition designed by Jimmy Choo for Ugg. It will be formed by five models of the boot designed according to the glamorous proposals of Tamara Mellon.

These five models will only be on sale in a selection of shops and in the web, both of Jimmy Choo and of Ugg Australia, as well as in certain department stores and shops it multimarks. It looks like the prices that they will not be too accessible either.

How to take your Ugg Australia?

The most guessed right look is the informal one: the Ugg is thought for the serviceability, so with jeans or pants of cigaret you will hit insurance.

If what you like there are the contrasts at the time of dressing, risk and put the Ugg with a short garment. A look will turn out to be “a folk hippie” of the most entertaining thing.

A little of history

The name of Ugg comes from the Australian term UGH, which means “Snub“. From 1920 in Australia there have used the terms boots UGG, blunt UGH and boots UG to refer to boots realized with skin of sheep.

In 1978 an Australian surfista, Brian Smith, traveled to the United States with several sheep leather boots in his rucksack. He traveled to California where the boots began becoming popular between the surfistas. There were turning out to be a comfortable footwear that also was supporting the temperature, both in winter and in summer. In 1995, Dockers, the famous mark of pants, bought Ugg Australia.
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