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COLORS THAT THEY COMBINE It Is right with the tones of your clothes...
For: Mercedes Barroso
The secret of the elegance is concentrated on two fundamental factors: to combine and to pretend (the possible defects). It is not easy to combine pledges of the wardrobe, therefore this month, young Asmoda advises you, at the time of buying, to check your "closet" to do to you an idea of the textiles, colors and patterns with which you are provided.
It is necessary to try to buy pledges that we like and they us feel good, but also that could take advantage to combine with other pledges of our closet, to extract more profit and power to play with more combinations, departing from the base of the same pledges. 

Young Asmoda gives you six keys of color that can help very much this period to you. Well-known good capture!

Target: The white color, theoretically it combines with the rest of colors, although it is not suitable to try to combine it with clear colors of the rest of the scale (a yellow one much skylight or very clear green, for example). For a garment or alone suit it is usually adapted for women, or gentlemen in tropical ambiences. 

Black: The black is another color that it combines easily with most of colors except with very dark colors like the dark brown or blue night, or to try to take black's different tones. It is the color of the elegance, and of the mourning. It is not habitual, due to his seriousness, to dress of black of habitual form. 

Brown: This color, it is one of the most difficult to combine, and unlike other colors, it combines very well with other tones of its own scale (beiges, grounds, sand, etc.). Although it is difficult to combine it is a fundamental color in the feminine wardrobes. On the other hand in the masculine one it has been displaced by the gray ones and the blue ones. 

Gray: There combines enough good with almost all the colors, like the black, blue and tones of red (burdeos, garnet, etc). Also it combines with the green and brown tonalities, as well as with different scales of its own color. It is serious, discreet and elegant.

Azu: It combines perfectly with many other colors, like the target, the derivatives of the red one (burdeos, garnet, etc.) with some tones of gray and cream (beige). By general norm it is more used in dark colors (like blue in the night or the navy blue one).

Green: It is one of the colors most difficult of combining, and of course one of least used to dress (due to his military connotations, generally). They are used, the green olive and dark green ones, but it is difficult to combine them but it is with proper tones of the scale of green and some color ground or sand. Also it can get together with some clear gray tone, but as we say it is necessary to be very careful since it is not easy at all combine.
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