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For: Maria Candela
The summer is in the air. They raise the temperatures, the hours of the sun get longer and you begin thinking that q there has come the moment to say good-bye to the overcoat clothes... if you are already thinking of renewing your closet facing the heat, young Asmoda presents the proposals of this period to you spring - summer 2009, so that you take a look it of the head to the feet.
Do not forget to protect your face of the sun and, already of step, a glamor touch meets to your fashion design on a hat: from Panamanian to big wide-brimmed straw hats, going on for others from rural inspiration... but, of course, that are of raffia.

As for the sunglasses, the key summer complement, on the footbridge those of size have seen XL, color nude and style retro, with rounded forms.

The T-shirts are a basic and entertaining pledge. Those of big size take and with message. If you have something that to say to the world: you can already capture it where!

If you do with a T-shirt, garment, jersey or jacket of streaks, type navy, you will hit insurance. Although everything costs! And this period the spots take also. Also, you will see also a scale of colors that fluorine goes from the tones to the makeup or cake …: Caprices of the fashion!

The garments are the most comfortable of going and they have the handicup of adding to your look a sophistication touch. This spring - summer you them will be on good terms type pipe, or long and vaporous, with two principal inspiration sources: the airs hippies or the Greek antiquity.

This period they are devastating the monkeys. Yes, this pledge that you swore that you would never put yourself. But in the end you will have to admit that years 70 you like his aura and that his serviceability has ended up conquering you.

Far West treads strongly and the cowboy wants to be present in huntresses, vests (for more lance thrusts) pants or shirts. Practical for every day and now, also, fashion.

As we were already saying to you in the previous number of young Asmoda, you will not be able to allow to spend this spring – summer without doing with a blazer. It devastates the boyfriend blazer, of size XL and colors nude.

And the pants? On the footbridge pants have been seen especially tobilleros and baggy (bloomers), although the cigarets will keep on accompanying ourselves. If yours is to risk, throw an eye to the look pajamas that Dolce and Gabbana offers us.

Feet so that I love you! This period you will be successful if you do with a few peep toes or with a few sandals of Roman inspiration, of leather and tacks. Although if last summer you bought yourself some of fringe, you can show them again without problem.

As for the complements, the it there are the cravats of floral patterns or of print animal (turn the leopard!), the purses type collecting tin or bandolier and maxi necklaces, earrings and bracelets of exotic inspiration.

You already have the keys to prepare your summer look. Although you know already which it is our advice: this is what takes, but the core is in that you, between all these tendencies, choose those who adapt themselves to your style.
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